On his 18th birthday my son Sander told me he fancied boys. Initially, my world turned upside down. I needed time to adjust, to let go of stereotype thoughts and feelings, and to get used to the new situation. Over time, and at my own pace, I discovered more and more about homosexuality. When one day I read somewhere that about 1 in 10 people are gay, I began to wonder where in my own large social network all the other mothers with gay sons might be found. They either did not exist, which just could not be the case, or they felt uncomfortable talking about it, just like me. I became curious about the experiences of other mothers, and that’s how Sander and I hit upon the idea of making a documentary.

By highlighting the stories of others, we want this film to support and give confidence to sons who are preparing to come out, and encourage mothers/parents to talk openly about it. The notion that homosexuality is not a choice but a given can help in this process. Because one thing is certain: it is a misconception that talking about homosexuality makes your child gay – it does not.