I sat and watched, breathless, for 45 minutes: real life stories dominated by confusion, relief, mutual understanding and acceptance. Loving, intimate images interspersed with beautiful shots with relevant text. Minimal music makes this a worthwhile story of hope.
Ineke Wikkerink (Senior Consultant, Trainer)

It is clear this film was lovingly made – the people are so open and at ease. It is striking how the same pattern occurs among the diverse people. I think this documentary could mean a great deal to young people.

Arthur Japin (Writer)

Forthright, warm and moving stories of mothers and sons. Each story stands on its own, but what became very clear to me is how extremely lonely the years of puberty had been for all concerned. This important aspect comes across loud and clear in this film. The positive message and the humour leave you with a good feeling.

Mayke Nieuwenhuis (Project Cordinator/Social Worker)

I was taken aback. Much recognition also. The conversations are very natural, as if there is no camera present. And the tone is not heavy, but positive. A great diversity of people.

Kees Hoogendijk (Reporter/Journalist)

Beautiful, precisely because of the purity of the approach of this documentary. It is educational not only for parents but also for boys and girls who are about to or have only just come out.

Margreet Dolman (TV Personality/Theatre Producer)

I am very moved by this documentary. Never before did I see such an open, natural and sincere story about coming-out and all that it implies. It was a relief to watch a documentary with such a plain approach to this topic. I think this documentary manages to touch the real essence of the stories, precisely because the conversations are not thrown off track by interviewer’s questions (which are apparently still rather standard). What really struck me is how some of the stories reflected exactly how it happened to myself. With these six different conversations you have given form to a terribly recognisable issue.
Kor Bras (Office Manager)

A fantastic balance between openness and emotion (…) Although the film talks mainly about men from age 20 or so, it can also be very relevant to youngsters who are struggling to come out - and don’t forget: their parents.

Expreszo (Dutch Magazine)

A great insight into the process, experienced by mothers as well as their sons. Mothers and sons who come across amazingly open and vulnerable in this documentary.

Quintijn Puite (Teacher Trainer Mathematics)

What a beautiful, emotional film, with great, big themes. Fantastic how you have presented the different mothers and sons.

Ella ten Berge (Trainer/Advisor)

In view of the compulsory aspect of focus and advice in schools (about this subject matter), this documentary is a truly fantastic tool for schools where such advice is not readily available. It enables the teacher to view this with the students without any bias. It shows a great range of recognisable emotions, not only for the youngsters who have homosexual feelings, but also for the ones that do not. Through much love and positivity a beautiful, honest view about coming-out is presented.

Jurriaan Bles (Musical Actor)

For me your film was a feast of recognition. I can clearly see my own struggles, when my search for my own sexual identity led me to new discoveries and experiences. And on top of that, the difficulty current society still has with coming-out, viewing it even now as an issue despite the emancipating efforts by the LBGT community.

The worthwhile meaning of your film is in my view the fact that the personal struggle and social battle is most definitely worth taking on, because it should be your given right to be who you are.
Twie Tjoa (Training & Coaching Professional)